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The perils of cheap fertility drugs[Commentary]by Professor Bill LedgerBBC NewsApril 21st, 2010Multiple births pose a health risk to both the mother and her babies, and put financial strain on health services.
British group weighs paying organ donorsAssociated PressApril 19th, 2010An influential British medical think tank is tackling the question of how far society should go to boost the number of organ and tissue donors, and is weighing a proposal to pay for body parts.
Pretending to be Toughby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 19th, 2010The English forensic DNA database has been dragged into the current UK election campaign with false accusations that supporting reform means being "soft" on crime.
Struggling to Control Fertility Tourismby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 17th, 2010Several countries are trying to figure out what to do about their citizens who go abroad for assisted reproduction procedures to evade local prohibitions (or just to save money).
Family become first to have DNA sequenced for non-medical reasonsby Mark HendersonThe Times (London)April 16th, 2010A family of four has become the first in which every member's genome has been sequenced for non-medical reasons, opening a debate about the ethics of analysing the DNA of minors.
The dangers of growing DNA databasesby Osagie K. ObasogieLos Angeles TimesApril 9th, 2010The practice of retaining genetic samples from people arrested for a crime but not convicted is growing in the U.S. It has serious human rights implications.
Tories give up plan to block police retention of DNA samples - for now[United Kingdom]by Francis Elliott and Richard Ford The TimesApril 8th, 2010The Conservative Party has abandoned attempts to block the retention of DNA samples, to pre-empt a Labour campaign leading up to elections.
Couples Flock to Eastern Europe for Cheaper IVFby Jo Willey and Nick FaggeDaily ExpressApril 5th, 2010Thousands of childless older British women desperate to be mothers are flocking to eastern Europe for IVF
Couples who pay surrogate mothers could lose right to raise the child [United Kingdom]by The GuardianDenis CampbellApril 5th, 2010High court could refuse recognition of parental rights to people who flout law by paying disproportionate fees to a surrogate mother overseas.
Sex selection: Getting the baby you wantby Amanda MitchisonThe GuardianApril 3rd, 2010The author meets couples traveling from the UK and heading abroad where the sex selection business is booming.
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