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Fertility’s Mega-Mallby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesNovember 11th, 2010The “Fertility Show” in London literally displays how the ART industry is commidfying fertility.
Abolishing (and Replacing) the UK HFEAby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesOctober 28th, 2010The UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is to be abolished, as part of a massive governmental reorganization, and its responsibilities reassigned.
Government scraps 192 quangosby Polly CurtisThe GuardianOctober 20th, 2010The British government will close or substantially cut back hundreds of its agencies. Among those being scrapped is the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, which oversees embryo research and fertility treatment.
Nuffield Council voices critical concerns on DTC gene testsby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesOctober 14th, 2010The Nuffield Council on Bioethics announces its report calling for comprehensive oversight and consumer protections around DTC gene tests.
Abolition of HFEA 'won't save anything'BBC NewsSeptember 24th, 2010The former chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, one of many publicly funded non-governmental advisory bodies in the UK that may be scrapped, analyses the gap the abolition of the body will leave.
International Survey of ART Releasedby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 23rd, 2010The International Federation of Fertility Societies has just released Surveillance 2010, the 5th edition of a triennial global survey of the assisted reproduction industry.
Time to Clean Up After Cloning Cattleby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesAugust 17th, 2010The USDA is still committed to promoting livestock cloning, but recent bad publicity makes it clear that the technology remains unpopular, unnecessary, and unethical.
"Weak and Meaningless" Guidelines for UK DTC Testsby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesAugust 10th, 2010The UK Human Genetics Commission's "A Common Framework of Principles for direct-to-consumer genetic testing services" rejects government regulation and relies entirely on voluntary guidelines.
Cloned beef in food chain spreads alarm in Britainby Raphael G. SatterAssociated PressAugust 4th, 2010News that meat and milk from the offspring of cloned cattle — illegal to sell in without proper authorization — may have made their way into the food chain has set hands wringing in the UK.
UK embryo agency faces the axeby Daniel CresseyNatureAugust 3rd, 2010Coalition government promises to abolish respected regulator in effort to cut back on quangos.
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