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Woman with learning difficulties could be forcibly sterilised[United Kingdom]by Tim RossThe TelegraphFebruary 14th, 2011A woman with learning difficulties could be forcibly sterilised after she gives birth this week to stop her becoming pregnant again.
DNA profiles to be deleted from police database[United Kingdom]BBC NewsFebruary 11th, 2011Following a critical European Court of Human Rights ruling, the UK will make wide-ranging changes to its DNA forensics policies.
Remember the Raelians? They're back, pushing GM crops by Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesJanuary 31st, 2011The pro-cloning cult is lending its support to a UK government push for genetically modified food.
Feds to Pay States to Expand Forensic DNA Databases?by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJanuary 26th, 2011A newly introduced bill would incentivize states to expand the collection of DNA from people arrested for certain crimes, before trial let alone conviction.
Will the UK legalize paying women for their eggs?by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJanuary 19th, 2011The UK is starting a public consultation that is widely considered to be an attempt to evade the ban on paying for eggs and sperm.
Lisa Jardine starts egg donor compensation discussion[United Kingdom]by James GallagherBBC NewsJanuary 17th, 2011The UK's assisted reproduction regulatory agency has opened a public consultation about payments for sperm and eggs.
A quiet battle for life: IVF regulator aims to show its worth[United Kingdom]by Amelia GentlemanThe Guardian (UK)January 10th, 2011The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority was one of 192 quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations listed for abolition in October.
Grim News for Assisted Reproduction Regulatory Bodies in Canada and the UKby Jillian TheilBiopolitical TimesDecember 1st, 2010The UK's HFEA is on the chopping block due to a new reform bill, while the chair of Canada's AHRAC is under scrutiny for questionable performance.
Fertility’s Mega-Mallby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesNovember 11th, 2010The “Fertility Show” in London literally displays how the ART industry is commidfying fertility.
Abolishing (and Replacing) the UK HFEAby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesOctober 28th, 2010The UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is to be abolished, as part of a massive governmental reorganization, and its responsibilities reassigned.
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