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For Immediate Release: January 25th, 2013
Contact:  Francine Coeytaux, 323-934-4007 or
Marcy Darnovsky, 510-625-0819 ext 305

Center for Genetics and Society Announces New Leadership

[Media Advisory]

The Advisory Board of the Center for Genetics and Society announced today that Marcy Darnovsky, PhD, has been chosen as the organization’s new Executive Director.

“Marcy’s depth and breadth of knowledge on the politics of human biotechnologies, along with her years of experience as Associate Executive Director, make her the perfect choice to lead CGS as Executive Director,” said CGS Advisory Board member Francine Coeytaux. “With her academic work on bioethical issues, coupled with her non-profit management experience, Diane is the ideal selection for Associate Executive Director. We are confident that we will be seeing more exciting work from our new leadership team, and everyone at CGS, as we embark on our organization's next chapter."

Dr. Darnovsky has served as CGS Associate Executive Director since its founding in 2001. She speaks and writes widely on the politics of human biotechnology, and has been cited or interviewed in hundreds of news articles and broadcasts.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to lead CGS in its efforts to ensure that human genetic and reproductive technologies are responsibly developed, used and regulated,” Darnovsky said. “With our amazing staff and advisors, and our wide network of colleagues, we’ll be making huge strides toward our vision of a new biopolitics grounded in social justice and the public interest.”

The Center also announced that Diane Tober, PhD, will join the organization as its new Associate Executive Director. “I am thrilled to be joining CGS as part of the leadership team,” Tober said. “I have a long-standing passion for the very issues that are central to CGS’s mission and look forward to doing my part to advance this very important work in biopolitics.”

Dr. Tober has conducted extensive research in topics related to bioethics, reproductive technologies and commodification of the body. She formerly served as Executive Director for Unique Zan Foundation, an organization promoting health and literacy for women in and from the Middle East.

Darnovsky succeeds Center for Genetics and Society’s founding Executive Director, Richard Hayes, who served in that position from 2001 until the end of 2012. “Marcy’s values and vision have importantly helped shape everything that CGS has accomplished to date,” Hayes said. “She and Diane are the perfect leadership team for CGS at this important moment of challenge and opportunity.”

The Center for Genetics and Society is a non-profit public affairs and policy advocacy organization working to encourage responsible uses and effective societal governance of human genetic and reproductive biotechnologies.


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