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Genetic Breakthrough at OHSU

[With CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]

by Allison FrostOregon Public Radio
October 29th, 2012

Oregon Health and Science University scientist Shoukhrat Mitalipov and his team have created a viable embryo with the genetic material from three different parents. The goal is to prevent genetic diseases from being passed down.

We spoke to Mitalipov in 2009 after baby rhesus macaque monkeys were born using the same science. Now that human genetic material has been used in a similar way, we'll check back in with the research team and an ethicist to discuss the implications of this scientific breakthrough.

Here's a video that shows how Mitalipov's team removed much of the genetic material from one woman's egg and put it into another:

What questions do you have about the medical or ethical implications of this research?

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