Top Biopolitical Times Blog Posts of 2011

Posted by Pete Shanks on December 22nd, 2011

Continuing a Biopolitical Times tradition, we present some of our favorite blog posts of the year. Here they are, in alphabetical order by title:

A Mississippi Prison Sentence: 16 Years and a Kidney
The governor releases imprisoned sisters on the condition that one agrees to donate a kidney to the other.

Appeals Court Overturns Sentence Based on "Porn Gene"
A judge had sentenced on the basis of a gene he thought might exist.

Are Skewed Sex Ratios In America's Future?
With technological shifts, will Americans develop a full-blown preference for sons?

Exoskeleton Helps UCB Student Walk for Graduation: Disability Justice or Cyborg Fantasy?
A new invention for paraplegics raises complex issues about normalcy.

Gene of the Week: Christianity
Gay scientists are reported to have removed the 'Christian gene' from rats.

How to Use $90? Buy a Gene Ring, or Burn for Warmth?
Can the "Gene Ring" reveal your genetic compatibility and your ties to foreign countries?

Is the Patent Office Forcing Race into Biotechnology Patents?
The use of racial categories dubiously linked to genes seems to be gaining salience in both law and science

State Budgets and Expiring Patents: A Perfect Storm for Revisiting Human Subjects Research with Prisoners?
It's "panic time" for Pharma. Will drug companies push to use prisoners for clinical trials?

Stratified Reproduction
How racism, classism, and colorism permeate the markets for wombs and gametes.

Surrogacy and Baby-Selling: Latest Fertility Industry Scandal
Prominent surrogacy lawyers were arrested for running a baby-selling ring in California and the Ukraine.

Thought Experiments on a History of Gene Transfer Experiments
James Wilson authored “The History and Promise of Gene Therapy,” leaving out his own lead role in the death of an 18-year-old in a gene transfer clinical trial.

Which Came First the Chicken or the Dinosaur?...Think Again
A paleontologist wants to create a living dinosaur by "reverse evolving" the chicken.

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